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Latest stats on where people discover new music and how it impacts your music promotion approach

The music industry has changed dramatically over the past 10 years, with music PR companies now having to quickly adapt to new platforms which are showing exponential growth in their users. If you were to ask your closest friends where they discover new music, their answers are likely to be completely different to what they would be 20 years ago. We no longer discover new music through radio stations and music channels. In fact, most of your friends will tell you that they discover their music via Spotify and Youtube therefore these are the platforms you should be focussing on....

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How to Write the Perfect Spotify Artist Profile

With over 45% of the world consuming music using streaming services, your Spotify Promotion strategy is becoming increasingly important. Bands need to have a branding and presence which appeals to their audience and convince them to become loyal fans. It was previously believed that an artist profile was no important, as we consume music through playlists and Discover Weekly’s, so it is rare that you ever decide to visit the artist profile of the band you are listening to. However, Spotify are adding more and more features to this section of their platform, now allowing you to link outside...

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