Australian Pop duo President Street is ready to take the world by storm as they release the first single off of their latest upcoming mini-album. The single, ‘Heal’, is a heartbreaking yet meditative R&B infused hit. The duo wrote this song after going through a great deal of personal pain. Writing about feelings so many people have experienced, President Street captures this emotion eloquently and offers us a way of mending.

‘Heal’ is a soulful vocally led song that elegantly taps into the inner mind to catalyse the effects of emotional healing. The combination of the vocals, energising synths, and captivating rhythm grabs the listener’s attention and makes them feel the hurt that she is feeling.

“It’s about accepting that for whatever reason our souls chose the families and relationships we have in order to learn and move forward in our evolution and consciousness. Pain is unpleasant. So as humans we tend to want to avoid it. But the source of our pain can at times hold our greatest gifts if we have the courage to face it and lay ourselves bare to healing deeply and thoroughly from it.” says President Street’s vocalist Ruby.

President Street will be embarking on a UK-wide tour from the end of May, supporting the one and only Roachford.

You can stream President Street’s latest single ‘Heal’ via the link below: