Hailing from down-under, President Street are winning fans on both sides of the pond with their latest release, ‘I Found Me’ – a love song about finding someone who helps you to feel comfortable in your own skin. 


It’s a refreshing take on the love song genre, and particularly poignant in society’s state of mind – where self-love and self-care becomes increasingly more and more important. The song begins with a rousing guitar riff which is immediately attention-grabbing, and repeats throughout the track to give it perfect coherence. The song’s carefree constitution provided by the subject matter is perfectly exemplified in Ruby’s enviably confident vocal line, and when the chorus of “I didn’t know I was looking for you / until I found me,” it’s a sense of pure joy at having finally found yourself at the core of your being which is the takeaway message of the song. 


A message that is truly worth listening to. 


The band has been labelled ‘pop fusion’ by many a music journalist so far, but this throw-away phrase really sells this band short. They are called ‘pop fusion’ because the music they make is truly genre-defying, from the drum ‘n’ bass inspired drum grooves to the Americana-esque guitar riff, to the melodies derived from pure pop which Ruby lends her vocals to sing; this band cannot merely be stuck into a box. 


While we wait with bated breath for the official video for this track, coming soon, let’s whet our appetites with the lyric video – illustrating the beautifully empowered lyrics with scenes from a busy Australian city and images of a solitary woman wandering the streets completely content in her own company. A suitable visual for this empowering song, and one we can all learn from. 


Watch the gorgeous lyric video down below and catch President Street live at a venue near you soon!