Brooklyn-based artist Atoosa Grey has burst out of her 10 year musical hiatus with the release of her thought-provoking album Dear Darkness. The album, which was co-produced with her husband, Noel Grey, is a lyrical study on exploring the darkness of life. Delicate instrumentation paired with Grey’s gorgeous vocals and lyrics melt together to create something awe-inspiring. During her time away from music, she studied poetry at The New School. In the words of Grey, “Music and poetry are my twin loves… They are different animals, but studying poetry has made me more particular with my lyrics”. Dear Darkness is a beautiful emergence for Atoosa Grey back into the music industry and we are so happy to welcome her back.


The opening of the album, “It Takes Time”, is a perfect introduction to the ideas of Dear Darkness. The strings and piano are on full display with Grey’s comforting vocals and powerful lyrics. It is no wonder that this song was one of the singles off of this album. Tackling the idea of communication in a relationship, “It Takes Time” shows the emotion that makes this album so powerful to listen to. It shows how darkness can bring about light in someone’s life as long as you don’t let it swallow you. Even though the song is a lyrical piece, it holds so much power in it’s words and message.

Other songs on Dear Darkness, like “Night Drags On”, showcase Grey’s ability to capture Americana aspects with her music. The intro, which begins with Grey’s signature piano, is overtaken by a groovy bassline and slowly builds into a powerful instrumentation involving a drum set and purely psychedelic guitar sound. The song’s powerful message about trust is made even more hopeful by the musician’s backing. “Night Drags On” helps to add a different sound to Dear Darkness that is happily welcomed and embraced by the listener.

Atoosa Grey absolutely outdid herself with Dear Darkness. The emotion and messages held within her music are so powerful and really help to make the listener hang onto every word that she sings. If you enjoy works of art like Rupi Kaur poetry or lyrical Americana music, then you need to listen to Dear Darkness as soon as possible wherever you listen to music!