From the woman who has worked with Jack Savoretti and arranged strings for Lewis Capaldi, comes a solo release all about the struggles she has faced whilst working towards the top in a male-dominated industry. Please welcome Astraea.


Having already soundtracked some of the biggest moments in television in recent years, Astraea has begun to make a name for herself with her covers of You’ll Never Walk Alone and others, used on the Lloyd’s Bank advert. Now, though, she’s branching out on her own with a synth- and piano-driven track all about her journey to the forefront of her field, called ‘Tonight I Run’.


“It’s an anthem for the underdog,” says Astraea of the powerful track, which deals with overcoming adversity and pushing yourself past psychological boundaries in order to follow the path you are set on.


Astraea, one of the industry’s go-to producers in an overwhelmingly male-dominated field, has, of course, crafted the perfect track to go with her woman-on-a-mission image. The song begins with pianos blended into synth sounds, creating an atmospheric mood before Astræa’s vocals take over, ever impressive but just one piece of a perfect puzzle, all elements of the composition fitting together effortlessly. The vocal line is sweeping and climbs in anticipation of the chorus, which, when it arrives, sounds like Astræa is flying. 


In her own words; “sometimes these obstacles can be ourselves – fear of failure, fear of uncertainty, fear of what other people think. Sometimes it can be other people & ingrained bias that we have to fight. For me, this is personal. Being a producer who is female in a world where only 6% of music producers in the UK are women means coming up against challenges. It sometimes can mean working three times as hard to be taken as seriously as my male counterparts.”


Passionate about gender equality and determined to speak frankly about the mental health issues which so many of us face, Astræa is a welcome new voice in the world of pop. With her debut EP coming in September, songs such as the heartfelt ‘Carry On’ and ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ will no doubt help other young women to feel understood and encourage them to get to her position. “The reason I create music is so it’s there for people in difficult moments, to make them feel less alone,” she says. “That’s my motivation.”