Multi-talented Astraea has released her new EP entitled ‘Tonight I Run’ which has her own stamp of originality. The title track kicks off proceedings and it reflects on just how far in the music industry Astraea has really come despite the occasional setback. Very European sounding pop music which is the perfect opener for this EP.

‘Nobody Loves Me Like You’ features a twinkling electronic beat but reminds me of Finnish heavy metal female singer-songwriter  Tarja and her 2007 ‘My Winter Storm’  album, and I wonder if Astraea is a fan. 

The track features a tremolo effect on the backing vocals and was used because Astraea’s father used to play a song from 1968 called ‘Crimson and Clover’ which was released by an American band called Tommy James and The Shondells.  An unexpected offering but certainly a welcome one. 

‘My Own Worst Enemy’ is an emotional personal assessment as Astraea explains “She questions everything. My confidence slowly wearing thin.”  The song was inspired by something her voice teacher told her at university as they could see how much she (Astraea) was getting in her own way. She wrote it as a way of dealing with her anxiety issues and with heartfelt lyrics like these as well as sweet musical box backing it is a highlight on this release. 

Interestingly, the piano for ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ was recorded on a vintage 1900s Blüthner German piano which has such a beautiful tone and it really makes the track three-dimensional. 

Closing track ‘Carry On’ will be well received by fans of 2018’s ‘You’re Not Alone’ which was used as the song for the ‘By Your Side’ television advertising campaign for Lloyds Bank with her soothing lead vocals. 

To summarise, if you enjoy the music of Christina Perri or Sara Bareilles where the vocal is easy on the ear, the songs have high-production values and the material is genuine then Astraea’s ‘Tonight I Run’ EP is for you. 

 The ‘Tonight I Run’ EP is out now. Watch the video for the title track below.