2019 has been a very significant year in the music industry. There’s a lot to look forward to, and there’s an abundance of talent rising to the surface. Someone to look out for this year is Ashley Puckett, the North Huntingdon, PA-raised stunner who recently released her debut single ‘Medicine,’ which has already grabbed a lot of attention. Ashley has laid down the foundation for something very promising with the release of her single, and has delivered a unique, powerful tune that is sure to be a treat for people who are looking for fresh, uplifting music that speaks to them.

The song delivers strong vocals and artfully curated melodies, that both combine to show us a peak of who Ashley is and her values. The song takes the listener on Ashley’s journey, where she is navigating her way in a big world full of budding opportunity. It is a true reflection of the artist, which is what makes it so unique and empowering.

Ashley is all set to release her first ever album ‘Never Say Never’ in late 2019 with MTS Records, and it seems like she will be delivering a unique and soul-touching tracklist to her audience. But until that happens, her single ‘Medicine’ serves as a great reflection of the artist’s unwavering and commendable potential.

-Caroline Ruth