Written by: Melanie Gomez

Arthur Fowler is an alternative acid folk singer, songwriter, and producer who recently released “Disappearing” off of his second album, Here I Am Again, following up from his 2014 release, What Keeps Me Going.

The album consists of five original songs explaining the exploration of his life. He was even lucky enough to record Here I Am Again in both Chicago an Tokyo.

What caught our attention while listening to his latest single off the album, “Disappearing”, was the tasteful guitar playing and solos. Arthur is basically like a tone downed Santana in this track.

With lyrics like, “I’ll never love you / Don’t listen to me / I’ll always love you / Don’t listen to me,” we were trying to figure out the meaning behind the track. Based off of those lyrics and the title, it seems to be about a relationship where the feelings are hot and cold. Almost as if the girl kept coming back, and he knew he was bad for her as he sings “run run run.”

For someone who has been into this type of toxic situation, “Disappearing” could be a sad but relatable track off the album. As far as the rest of the album goes, aside the first track being more upbeat, each song seems to be at the same emotional level as “Disappearing.”

Lyrically this album could have been better, but if you’re into calming instrumental music and some nice guitar playing/solos, this might be your type of album.

Check out Arthur’s music video for “Disappearing” below:

Arthur Fowler:
https://soundcloud.com/signin?redirect_url=/stream https://www.youtube.com/user/Arturojazz4