Minneapolis-based artist XINA releases her captivating reflective new single “Lullaby by Whitenoise” with an accompanied cinematic music video. Known for her expressive and poignant lyrics woven through intricate synths, “Lullaby by Whitenoise” is the first track XINA has released in 2021 and the first from her upcoming debut — the self-produced two-part PULL/PUSH, inspired by the physicalities of pole dancing and the intersection of both. 

When asked about the inspiration behind “Lullaby by Whitenoise” XINA states, “Lullaby came from a place of desperation and forced acceptance of what my heart desired but could not obtain. It was very much a psychedelic stream of consciousness. In hindsight I found that it speaks to my inner child, a mixed kid who grew up in the suburbs of Minnesota. All of my crushes growing up were white boys who never paid me any attention. I’m grateful that this forced me to craft my own self-worth. Trying to convince someone to love me who did not see me in the same way caused me a lot of pain and self-deprecation. I think a lot of people have been there.” 

Equal parts longing and psychedelic, the art-pop track was created in one session, utilizing everything from guitar and analog synths. “Just me and my voice, guitar, a couple synths, and Ableton Live,” XINA describes. “It was very much a stream of consciousness and it was an incredibly cathartic experience.” The visual for the track is a cinematic & captivating experience; charting the journey XINA has as she reckons with her need to make herself small for men and, ultimately, finding the empowerment and self-love to find herself in the end. It represents everything XINA aims to accomplish with her art — find catharsis, uplift others, and make her mark in music using her reflective lyricism and deft production.


About XINA

XINA (ZYE-nah) is a Minneapolis-based musician whose expressive abilities observe no boundary. A classical dancer from the age of five and a songwriter from the age of ten, she fully embraced her role in this reality as a recording artist before even graduating high school. Through her exploration of both music production and dance in modern/contemporary contexts – in addition to theatrical performance – she continues to broaden the aesthetic bandwidth that empowers her every artistic function. Through her sophisticated songwriting, nuanced vocal prowess, intuitive production, evocative choreography, and inventive video direction, XINA conveys the raw, vulnerable aspects of the human condition with intensity, mystique and finesse across each of her projects.

In October 2020, XINA released a whimsical DIY song and visual entitled “Aurora” showcasing her self-sufficiency and originality. Following this, the visual EP entitled “Wavform” made its debut in December of 2020 – two powerfully emotive tracks and an accompanying visual with original choreography. Written and assembled in the thick of the COVID-19 crisis, “Wavform” is a cathartic emancipation from the cycles that prevent people from living authentically. Each track speaks to the uncertainties facing humanity – as individuals and the collective.

In the first half of 2021, XINA’s presence in the pole dancing community resulted in a swift rush of new fans and followers. Having quickly advanced in the artform, she effortlessly began to integrate the newfound passion with her work in music. In June of 2021, she released another DIY project called “Candyland”, a piece born out of her endless curiosity in all things. The lyrics describe a yearning to expand beyond the confines of the physical body and to find a new perspective. Fittingly, XINA explores a new perspective in the accompanying visual, which she shot at her home on iPhone. Her infatuation with the artistry of pole dance collides with modern dance and a brightly curated color palette to produce effortlessly stunning images.

“Candyland” foreshadows XINA’s highly anticipated debut, the self-produced two-part “PULL/PUSH”, inspired by the physics of pole dance.