Ariel Arbisser returns to the music scene with her new electro-pop single “Bloodshed,” an upbeat and catchy song about embracing your inner dark side and examines that duality within us all. She sings “down at the bottom of this well, you’re gonna find bloodshed.” Everyone has a deep well within them, but are you brave enough to go down and search your truest, most natural self? For the first time in her career, Ariel tracked all of her vocals – riffs, runs and all – in her home and bedroom in gorgeous Ithaca, NY. Her vocals are sultry and soulful, a beautiful touch to a poetic song.

“Bloodshed” carries some dark themes, but it also has some Christian symbolism and themes. She sings “I want to see some bloodshed/on your skin/I want to see you pretty pretty face darkened in sin,” in what sounds like the Devil’s point of view, but then she sings “I’m tired of this localistic fight, I want to see some bloodshed,” in what sounds like a sinner’s point of view. She plays with the perspective in the song, and it’s never clear who has the wheel. She examines this idea of the soul as well, The chorus goes, “my soul to take,” and is a big part of the lyrical pieces of the song. The darkest parts of our souls are for the taking.

“Bloodshed” has a Tori Amos vibe in the structure and vocals and an Alice Russell and Joss Stone in the overall sound. It’s truly an amazing song that easily gets stuck in your head. You find yourself hitting repeat over and over again.

Ariel became nationally recognized as a lead vocalist in a collegiate a cappella group called the Cornell Chordials. Post-college, she sang with multiple bands, including the Jeff Love Band, the Love Me Backs, and The Funx. She’s performed off-broadway and center-stage in a number of musicals including, Rent, Songs for a New World, Candide, and Little Women, to name a few. Her acclaim reached new levels after singing with the Grammy-winning Swingle Singers.

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