Archangelic Sound’s debut albums ‘Galactic Tree of Wisdom (Guided Meditations)’ and ‘Archangelic Visions (Guided Meditations),’ released back to back.

“Galactic Tree of Wisdom (Guided Meditations)” is already receiving critical acclaim from its peers. Producer Joseph Anthony Amoroso helps simplify the world of Astral Travel, Spiritual Visions in his world of profound meditations.

The album is truly eclectic, using various binaural frequencies, healing tones, and ancient chants. The galactically-inspired album is the first of many set to release that features unique meditation music.

Few debut albums have such a loving reception, and this is because the producer Joseph Anthony Amoroso is an extremely well-respected voice in the New Age Spiritual, Quantum Physics, Self Help, and other related genres for the last 24 years. He has been hosting group guided meditations for many years, which was already well known through the new age community. The group meditations were so successful in inducing extrasensory visions that it was only natural to bring it to a multi-media audience.

The Second Album Release, “Archangelic Visions” is also available now. The second album is more focused on encouraging angelic visions and spiritual experiences. The work also features binaural tones, rife frequencies, and other healing frequencies to promote a profound meditation experience. You can expect a great deal of content from this artist as there are many albums in the pipeline.

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