The grunge rock artist, AP Tobler, is carving a name for themselves in the industry. Their songs are not only inspired by their personal experiences, but their music is catchy and melodic. They write music in order to share their experiences with anxiety and depression by crafting songs rooted in grunge and alternative rock, with hopes that these thematic elements will speak to listeners who are going through similar experiences. Their music has been compared to the likes of Joan Jett, Courtney Love, and Green Day.

Their new singles were released onto streaming platforms as if they were digital records with a song acting as the B-Side single. “Eclipse” is their rock release, with a big Green Day vibe, that tackles the feelings of reliving a past trauma, not being able to move on from that experience. Anyone who suffers from anxiety and/or depression understands this on a deep level.  “I wrote this song while I was replaying painful events in my head,” shares AP. “I was sick of feeling upset over things that had happened years ago. When I write music about personal experiences, the lyrics and melody tend to come together very quickly. This is the case with Eclipse. I was actually on a phone call with friends and started feeling anxious. In the middle of the call, I opened my Notes app and started typing fragments of lyrics about how I was feeling.” They even scream at the end of the song as a form of release within themselves.

The B-Side single, “Blunt Force,” is more Joan Jett or Dave Grohl influenced and is about a personal experience of AP’s where one of their best friends stopped talking to them one day. “After two years without resolution, I finally wrote a song to express the lingering emotions I was feeling,” they say. “One night I picked up my guitar and wrote a cord progression that I liked. I started to write the lyrics and within 30 minutes I had a melody and lyrics to represent the emotions of this painful experience. I refined the song over a few sessions, adding layers to fill it out. The writing process was cathartic, as I had encapsulated this traumatic event into a song.”

On February 4th, they released their video for “Blunt Force.” The visually stunning video shows AP coping with this experiences by burning and smashing objects, a real show of catharsis for themselves and the listeners. “The video for ‘Blunt Force (B-side)’ was filmed as a family project,” shares AP of the latest release of their “Blunt Force” video. “It is directed and filmed by my dad, while my mom and brother assist with video artwork, concepts, and filming locations.  Blunt Force tells the story of a close friend suddenly ending our friendship without warning. The video depicts me aggressively releasing the anger and hurt associated with this traumatic event. My dad and I partnered on the concept, and we shot the video in the San Jose hills close to home and in my backyard. The video was fun as I got to destroy some items and we included some of that original audio in the video credits.”

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