Isolation, worldwide panic and political chaos and upheaval are certainly not conducive to good mental health. Luckily for us, the antidote has arrived in the form of the latest Taylor Castro song, a tune called ‘Girl, Afraid’, which allows us to see behind the curtain of picture-perfect LA life which she previously presented on her debut, PURE. 

First and foremost a storyteller (poems, plays, film scripts, you name it), Castro is now using her platform to take a measured step forward, exploring the emotions she feels in conjunction with her own OCD, and producing a remarkably honest song – ‘Girl, Afraid’, released on the 15th of May 2020.


It marks a significant departure from the approach she took to her previous album. “I had tried to stuff my OCD back down inside me and I didn’t want to write about it.” says Castro. “I felt like I wasn’t being true and it was time to address my issues on this record. OCD presents a constant fear and paranoia, so I want ‘Girl, Afraid’ to be a comfort for people who suffer from it as I do. I dug much deeper, not just out of growth but out of curiosity.” 


And it has paid off. 


‘Girl, Afraid’ sees Castro not only facing her own demons on the track, but also encouraging her fans to do the same, using the hashtags #beaprincessagain and #royalsoul on her Instagram feed to encourage the conversation about mental health to continue and become more normalised. This is exactly the sort of move we need to be making at the moment, with isolation and quarantine impacting the mental health of everyone around the globe. Taylor Castro is the perfect person to encourage this conversation, and ‘Girl, Afraid’ is the perfect song. 


Watch the video for ‘Girl, Afraid’ below and remember to get join in the conversation on Instagram using the hashtags #beaprincessagain and #royalsoul