Lenni Revel has released a powerful new single “Annabelle” from her upcoming album release Unbroken.

“Annabelle” is not just any ballad. This is a dark americana pop, alternative rock ballad that is full of drama, rising to a climax in a theatrical way with flowing and haunting vocals and instrumentation. 

“When I started singing ‘Annabelle,’ I felt the themes of the song in my own life, of course. In the final rise of the song, the roles that have been assigned to women for millennia are called out by name and by the end my voice bleeds into this guttural scream. When performing it, I feel an ancestry of pain.”

The Sonoma County, California based singer songwriter talks about both the song and album Unbroken being deeply cathartic, having been created after a time of great pain and loss. “Annabelle” is layered with atmosphere and stirring drums. Lenni’s voice soars above and is full of emotion. It is a kind of autobiographical song, about a girl who just wants to keep her head above the water with her looks and charm. 

And with comparisons being made with the likes of some musical greats like Steve Nicks, Lana Del Rey and Fiona Apple, Lenni is sure to have a solid musical career should she choose to continue with her vocal style and writing. 

Listen here:

It may not be a bubbly pop song about the future, but Revel´s story of transformation began how many artists and celebrities end. She has started her career having recovered from addiction to Adderall, and was once almost suicidal. Luckily, she has been able to turn it all around and express herself from the heart with her music. 

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