Ann Gray is back with a brand new single, “City of a Million”. 

This catchy pop rock song is a whimsical song about her growing up in the modern age with all of the complications that comes with it. Like the lyrics of the song, there is a glamorous side and a not so glamorous side to the city. It is easy to get lost in the stress of work, relationships and life pressures. 

“City of a Million” manages to capture the essence of this struggle in a polished song with an Indie rock punch. 

Ann Gray is a captivating singer songwriter from Norfolk, Virginia. She is winner of the 2021 Tastebreakers Music Contest, and recently released her debut EP “Foolish” which has received both regional and national acclaim, and which received the Veer Music Aware nomination for Best Acoustic / Folk. 

“When writing the lyrics of the piece, I really wanted to focus on capturing different aspects of urban inspired imagery (red lights, park benches, crowded apartments), while still communicating a sort of fast-paced, impetuous young relationship (“tried to find the silver lining in the so called Golden Years”). This incorporation of imagery was especially integral in the development of the piece, as I wanted it to be laced with dark blues and greens and a sort of eerie, late night escapade and an overwhelming rush of both an utterly terrifying and consumingly exciting rush of adrenaline”. 

Gray´s album entitled “Sunrise Sessions Vol. 2: The Pandemic Recordings” were featured on WHRO´s Curate series and she was recently acclaimed in the Veer Magazine as “a gifted artist, songwriter to watch”. 

She has been compared with the likes of Olivia Rodrigo, Joni Mitchell and Taylor Swift, among others. 

Don´t miss Ann Gray´s latest “City of a Million”, out now. 

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