Angela Perry is the country and folk singer/songwriter who pours her heart into her music. Her lyrics are poetic and crafted to make the listener really listen to what she has to say. Her melodies are invigorated with energy and honesty and her vocals are raw and exude a powerful depth. Her songs depict matters of love, loss, and learning the hard way. Colorado, as her adult home, has shaped her music, influenced by both the beauty and harshness of nature. Edgy, vulnerable and changing with the seasons, Angela’s voice and songwriting gives new perspective to the timeless challenges of the heart. 

Her new album, 21 Dayz, has a strong Joni Mitchell sense of songwriting and storytelling with a Paul Simon and Shania Twain sensibility in the vocals and overall sound. The 9 tracks explore different elements of human nature, love, and learning. She plays around with genre, from folk-rock blues in “I Put a Spell on You,” her cover of of Screamin Jay Hawkins version about doing actions and not thinking about the consequences and outcomes, to melancholic folk in “Midnight Blue,” a song about an illusion of a love and lover who can’t be touched but feels real. She utilizes her skill with the piano and acoustic guitar is stunning.

Her acoustic ballad-like song “Sunflower Child,” the video of which has garnered over 50,000 views, is dedicated to the people of the Ukraine. The sunflower is a strong and resilient flower. It can weather any storm and survive in any environment. The sunflower is a powerful symbol of staying strong, persevering, and staying positive in the face of adversity and can fit anyone at any time in any situation they are facing. 

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Angela shares, “This album is just the beginning of a way to tell the story of heart and soul. It was inspired out of a need to express the human condition through music in all of its intricacies love, hope, desire, anger, loneliness, sadness, despair…”

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