Angel and Co offer the audience their new upbeat project, “Eat the Sun.” Drenched in sunlight, there is a careful cadence to the way that they let the entirety of the song burst with optimism. Volume is a given, for they tap into a real force of nature with their approach. Big and loud, they offer a pure celebratory spirit that completely sweeps the listener away. Going for that sort of style best perfected by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah amongst other similarly minded artists, there is an intensity to it that has a warm, welcoming presence to it.

They waste no time for the mood is set immediately. Sound-wise, they let the track build-up. Quite quiet at first, they allow the rest of the piece plenty of time to expand. With this initial tension, they prove to captivate, the anxious energy eventually explodes. The vocalist leads the way, with the rest of the band following quickly behind. Lyrics are chosen with the utmost care, giving each word equal weight. Guitars chug along behind, proving that they craft especially infectious riffs. Best of all, the groove never lets up, growing ever more energetic with each reiteration. Everything about it works when taken in as a singular whole, ensuring that nothing is held back.

“Eat the Sun” shows off the unabashed talent of Angel and Co, and it won’t be surprising to see them become a household name soon.

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