Singer/songwriter Andria Piperni creates a jazz-tinged alternative fusion of R&B and soul, inspired in part by the everyday experience as well as her vividly surreal dream episodes. Her 2018 debut single “Say Something” made its way onto Canada’s R&B/Soul iTunes chart, with follow-up singles ranking on iTunes and Spotify charts around the world.


With the past year bringing a whole new outlook on life as we know it, Andria delivers her own reflective collection of waking moments on her soulful debut Who’s Counting? EP. There’s a mix of both feel-good vibes and more somber emotions throughout these songs, but they all circle around this theme of taking a step back in order to see and understand things more clearly or in a new light.


Satirical with a serious subject, title track “Who’s Counting?” is a hauntingly ironic song created to take listeners on a thought-provoking journey.