Australian electronic music producer Andrew Hetherington released his latest concept album called Afterlife on June 23, 2021. The album is inspired by scientific research carried out into near death experiences (NDEs), which confirms that consciousness exists after physical death and that the soul leaves the body to survive eternally. Andrew has produced 10 amazing synth-driven instrumentals for this album to add to his already substantial catalogue of songs. The album outlines the journey we must all undertake into the afterlife, which is reflected in the song titles such as Dead And Buried, Crossing Over and Welcome To The Afterlife.


Hailing from Skipton in regional Australia, Andrew Hetherington is an electronic music producer with a unique songwriting gift. What sets Andrew apart from his peers is his talent for creating catchy tunes whilst synchronously shining at the more technical aspects of his craft. Like shifting desert sands Andrew’s continually expanding repertoire of songs has constantly changed and evolved, supplying his fans with a diverse range of song styles and music genres to experience. Since 2017 he has steadily produced a colourful variety of synth-driven aural candy ranging from relaxing downtempo sounds, retro 80s synthwave and more recently the hypnotic rhythms and repeating melodic phrases characterized by modern trance music.

Here’s a schismatic artist who is not apprehensive about experimenting with the nontraditional, and like so many pioneers before him blazes his own trail across the musical landscape. With new songs due to drop in 2021, music fans should seek out Andrew Hetherington and connect with an artist who’s in it for all the right reasons. When you hear it, you’ll know.

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