Anastave is an American songwriter/producer who typifies what a modern artist should be. While in part it is reminiscent of artists like Massive Attack, and has the experimental quality of early Radiohead, it still has a wide enough array of influences that keeps the sound ‘unique’. This is a tough thing to do for artists, despite the sheer amount of music there is at the moment. Even though it’s all pretty much out there for free, most people still gravitate towards the same two or three artists who got them into music in the first place. Anastave is keeping the mystery alive, and Medicine is testament to that.

While she gets ready to release her sophomore album, we had a look back at her debut, which came out in 2016 and shows a different side of the artist – more akin to the likes of The XX, who were very much ‘a la mode’ at the time. It definitely has it’s own quality, and from what we can hear of the sophomore, Anastave is moving far enough away from her original sound to keep us interested, while holding onto what makes her what she is – an intellectual, visceral experience – which all makes sense when we read that she is an NYU creative writing alumnus, only creating further intrigue. For now, we’ll await the next chapter eagerly. Check it out below!