Analise is a wondrous young singer-songwriter from New England. The folk-pop songstress has been making waves with her releases so far, and her newest single ‘trust me’ alongside her debut EP ‘oshibana’ could be her best yet.

‘trust me’ is a soft explorative song that opens so many doors within those first few seconds. The production is delicate and inviting, alongside a real authenticity and presence from this highly promising songstress. It’s clear that Analise is a star in the making and it seems like everything is already falling into place for her.


Analise says that ““Trust Me” is a song built on emotion. This song highlights the complexity that lies in young love – trying to understand our growing selves while trying to give ourselves to someone else. It can be so encapsulating to love and to be loved at such a vulnerable time that when it ends, we can feel very alone.”