After resisting recording studios for a half-dozen years, laid-back indie-country songsmith Amos The Kid was finally convinced to begin recording a small collection of his vast catalogue in the fall of 2018. That casual collection of recordings ultimately became Mountain View, which immediately felt like a “Manitoba classic” (Exclaim!).

After Mountain View, his hesitancy to record dissipated, and Amos dove headfirst into crafting his follow-up effort with a newfound sense of clarity. Arriving May 15, his sophomore EP, No More New Ideas, sees him following his instincts deeper in the direction that made his first effort a success. His disarmingly simple earworms once again wrap emotionally agile lyrics in a sly sense of humour, this time in the service of a more focused artistic vision.

Ahead of the upcoming album, Amos has shared “You Make It So Easy” – a nostalgic, feel-good song about taking comfort in sunshine and friends amid a very different summer.