Guitar pop group The 27 have recently released the music video for their newest single ‘Run’. An insight into the vivid imagination of member Henry Parker, the video takes watchers on a wild ride into The 27’s musical world.

Having invested the past few years creating new material and building a solid following, The 27 have now defined their instantly recognisable sound. With sharp guitars lines and slick harmonies coming to the forefront, especially now in recent release ‘Run’ which is an Americana meets Guitar Pop track that brings together the best bits of the bands authentic musicality, both influenced by 60’s artists including The Buffalo Springfield and The Beatles and puts The 27’s signature modern spin on the song.

The music video for ‘Run’ can only be described as a peak into the artistic imagination of The 27. The visual depicts Parker as the central character in the midst of a wild get together. However, amongst the madness of the party around him Henry remains oblivious with scenes showing him wandering on the pebbles down the beach or side by side with an acoustic guitar, as Parker sings the song’s honest lyrics “I only know how to run into the setting sun, back where I belong.”

With the band’s debut album soon to be released, The 27 have worked hard to develop their craft. From gigging at small venues such as London’s Troubadour and Bush Hall to honing their sound in the studio it seems that this labor of love is paying off, with the music video for ‘Run’ accumulating over 40k views and counting.