If you love bands like Alice in Chains, The Killers, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, and Twenty One Pilots, then American Amnesia is for you! This awesome alt-rock trio from Connecticut consists of Patrick Nemaizer (19), Sam Cesnak (17), and Gus Pac (16). And don’t judge by how young they are, these guys truly know how to rock n’roll. Unlike many artists who don’t create their own material, American Amnesia wrote and did the music for their whole album. Looks like jamming after school almost every day paid off huh?

Listening to their latest single, “Time”, we got instant AFI vibes! The catchy intro was similar to AFI’s “Girls Not Grey”, but that’s what caught our attention. And the song is all about exactly what the title says, TIME.

With lyrics like, “It’s kinda sociopathic/ And kinda becoming a zombie,” and”I don’t know if I’m right or wrong in this world / Or if I’m just really lazy / Maybe the simplest solution is that I’m really just crazy,” these teens describe the common thoughts and fears that many young people end up thinking about at some point in their lives. It’s not good to keep any feelings in, so the fact that these guys are so young yet so smart about how to use music as a positive outlet is amazing in our eyes. The band’s honestly also helps other kids not feel alone, if they’re able to relate in any way. After all, music is all about emotions and/or making you feel something.

When American Amnesia first started creating music, they knew they had flaws. They didn’t even have a band name yet. And fun fact? When the band finally found a name, they went with Amnesia. But then they found out that there was already a band named Amnesia in Italy and one in India! (LOL) So since they loved the name and they are American,  American Amnesia is what stuck.

“The songs and the band’s chemistry and energy was so dynamic,” says Howard Nemaizer, the producer of the band’s latest album, … Yet Here We Are. He continued saying, “Their sound was so unique, sophisticated and identifiable, it was clear early on that there was something very special going on here and that these weren’t some teenagers jamming in a garage.”

You can listen to”Time” off of their album …Yet Here We Are, on Spotify and SoundCloud!

Check out their behind the scenes video for “Time” below! (Full music video coming soon.)

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