Electro-pop artist Amaris Wen releases her latest single “Endless Possibilities”. Bringing a solid throwback styled rhythm, Amaris sets the mood for a 90s adventure. This upbeat single promotes the idea that whatever you do in life there are endless possibilities. This song comes out just in time for summer as there are so many activities to do and goals to achieve. Amaris’ voice adds a level of pop that helps envision fun times in the sun.

Amaris Wen is a London based artist who also specializes in music production. She follows the R&B and electro-pop genre very closely and writes music that fits these genres. Her entertainment career began when she received formal training at a drama school. Dance class was when she was first introduced to electronic music and immediately fell in love with it. After playlisting for majors, Amaris decided it was time to pursue her own music career. She released her first album in 2014 and has continued to share her creations since then.

“Endless Possibilities” fuses together two different genres of music in a very organized and beautiful way. Amaris sings with this raspiness to her voice that is similar to that of Marina and Paramore. Both female singers have a deeper set voice and a bit of raspiness that makes their singing so catchy. Amaris follows in these powerful womens’ footsteps by singing in a similar pattern as them. As for production value, Amaris calls to the women of 90s R&B. Specifically, Amaris uses a drum pattern that is commonly found in 90s music, including those of Ashanti, Amerie, and En Vogue. However, Amari plays this retro beat against a much faster BPM, therefore causing her music to reside in the electronic genre. The little added effects help change her song from a slow love song by Ashanti, to an upbeat dance mix by M83 or MGMT.

Amaris’s latest single creates a feel-good atmosphere around those who listen to it. Her music continues to receive positive feedback and reviews from the public and she continues to impress us with her abilities to produce, write, and record such uplifting music. Her capability to fuse two very different genres together is astounding and allows her to stand out from the crowd. We look forward to hearing more from Amaris as her music is unique and full of endless possibilities. 


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