A new sensation has come out of San Diego, CA! Alpha Pegasi( Peg-ah-see) is an alternative indie pop rock artist from the West Coast. Under a different name, Alpha Pegasi has played hundreds of shows, performed at festivals, and recorded with several bands in New England. He released his debut self-titled album on April 20th of this year. AP has cultivated a handful of original songs(out of hundreds) to form four upcoming EPs. Love Sex Money Part I is the first of the four, being released on August 22, 2022. He has released two singles featured on his much anticipated EP titled “Give Some, Get Some”(April 20, 2022) and his latest, “A New Sensation”(June 3, 2022).

Alpha Pegasi’s “A New Sensation” is filled with sun-soaked melodies that will have anyone running to the beach. “A New Sensation” is a fun, feel good head-jamming song. AP said that this single is about him expressing just how stoked” he is to move to sunny San Diego. He is the modern beachy version of The Talking Heads, with the feel good vibes of the Allman Brothers. Alpha Pegasi paints the perfect image of reasons to love the West Coast, through his lyrics. His catchy guitar riffs, main vocal melody, and harmonies are reminiscent of those of The Grateful Dead, with a more upbeat tempo.

Aside from his music, Alpha Pegasi has set goals to work with non-profit and health-based organizations. 5% of all profits made will be donated to groups such as San Diego EarthWorks. AP strives for his music to serve as an outlet of support for environmental and health related causes, as well as being the foundation to an expanding community. He promotes good vibes all around through his music and actions. You can listen to  “A New Sensation” on all streaming platforms!

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