Rising star Allegra, who is currently the cover star of The Autumn Winter issue of Rollacoaster magazine, recently teamed up with social media  dance sensation Laurie Elle to help the UKs youth cope with Lockdown.  Knowing how important it is to maintain a positive mindset during Lockdown, Allegra wanted to encourage her fans to still have fun with her  #DoWhatIWant Lockdown challenge.  At a time when we’re being told exactly the opposite – that we can’t in fact do what we want at all – 18 year old Allegra is aware just how much of a release her fans need at a time when we can’t live our lives in the way that we’re used to living them.

Having just released her new single ‘Do What I Want’, an anthem of defiance and power, which she wrote back in March when Lockdown first took hold, ‘Do What I Want’ is an impassioned statement from a young woman forging her own path in the world, someone who will stop at nothing to make her voice and those of her fans heard. ‘Do What I Want’ peaked at No.5 in the Music Week Upfront Chart and No.2 in the Pop.
Together with Tik Tok personality Laurie Elle who has a staggering 3.8 million followers Allegra  launched the #DoWhatIWant Lockdown challenge. Fans were encouraged to raise their spirits by joining an instagram live where they were taught a unique dance routine by Laurie Elle and Allegra 
Allegra said of the challenge, “It was a huge success because it was an opportunity to let loose, have fun and dare I say be a be bit rebellious and just Do What You Want when everyone else is telling you that you can’t”
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