Alice Rowe is the next singer-songwriter to pave her way in the R&B world. Taking influence from Amy Winehouse and Loyle Carner, she crafts together her own soothing stamp of indie soul, and it’s highly addictive. Having success in Wonderland Notion already, this young artist is ready to take on heavier climbs in ‘As It Seems’.

Reminiscent of Olivia Dean, The real soul pop sound shines through in this melodically blending and catchy track. Alice Rowe holds so much promise and if she continues to release soulful gems like these, there’s only one way she’s heading.


Alice says on the meaning behind ‘As It Seems’:

“I wrote this track after attending an art exhibition in London ‘Alice in Wonderland – Curious & Curiouser’, the concept was about a girl who struggled to survive the confusing world of adults, she also struggled to come to terms with life and learnt that there are many layers/ mysteries.


Listen to ‘As It Seems’ HERE.