The “Army of Angles” have come and saved my soul….one of the singles released by London singing sensation Ali Jacko. “Army of Angles” is a dark, powerful song with a haunting War-torn video to accompany it. “Have you ever been searching for something that could never be found?” There are not many videos or songs as compelling as this one.

Ali Jacko has been releasing a single each month during his 11 month plan to release one a month. The former 5 time world kick boxing champion took up singing after he was advised by a voice coach that he would never be able to sing a note. Each of his songs deliberately evoke a sentiment and emotional force which is current and relevant to the state of the world today, or express love and family joy with a deep passion.

“Army of Angles” is a musical rock masterpiece. It inspires deep thought, as it’s submerged in a barbed wire explosion of depression. Musically it quickly crescendos to an exciting and orgasmic journey and remains that way until the finale. The black and white monochromatic video tells a sad story, almost like a wake-up call to the planet. It’s already received an extremely high number of views on YouTube and has created a bus globally. When Ali Jacko attempts to relay a message, whether it’s dark or on a lighter note like his anthemic “Working Man”, you can be sure it gets out there.

His voice is unique and when you hear one of his songs you will know undoubtedly that it is him. He writes in an eclectic style and can easily break the genre barriers as each track is musically different. His lyrics can be intense, as can his instrumentals. “Army of Angles” is just one titanic example of  the celebration of Ali Jacko’s music, and an excuse to hear more!


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