Alex Exists is the new solo project of Alex Pulec, frontman of The Nursery (awarded Best Independent Rock/Pop Band in Canada at Indie88’s 2018 Indie Awards).

His first release is a cover of the David Essex song, “Rock On,” for a multi-artist cover album, Coverama. Alex’s version is a hypnotic and sultry interpretation that incorporates rhythmic breathing, pizzicato strings, ragtime pianos, toy drums and more… which challenges the question, “What is rock ‘n roll really supposed to be?”

“If I was going to do a rendition of a golden age rock and roll classic, I knew I had to launch it into orbit with an unexpected modern twist,” said Alex. “I was inspired by this idea that if aliens came to earth, years after rock and roll had died, found this record, fell in love with it, took it back to their planet and started making their own interpretations of it, how might it sound?”