Alea, the Colombian born/Bronx based singer songwriter had a breakout year in 2021 after releasing her debut album Alborotá. Alea’s vision spans ten diverse tracks that breaks the traditional Latin music mold. The album uniquely blends Latin folklore inspired by cumbia, porro, currulao and huapango with pop, afro and savory Latin grooves filtered through her personal lens of strength, feminism, and perseverance, which earned spots on Rolling Stone’sbest albums in Spanish” and NPR Alt.Latino’s best albums of 2021! Alea is back with a stunning and powerful new music video for the single “Arrullo” featuring Renée Goust, which was produced by Nadir Frame Productions and directed by Cristian Peña. Watch the video at

“Arrullo” is a song inspired by ranchera and ballad genres, composed by Alea, Renée Goust and Sinuhé Padilla. Alea details, “I’ve been wanting to write a song with Renée for some time now. She has been a great inspiration to me as a writer and as an artist, because of her bravery as an LGTBQ+ activist and her feminist message. We met at the Jarana Records studio to write this song, which we later named “Arrullo”; paying homage to those lullabies that have the purpose of calming us down and centering us.” She adds, “As independent artists and as women we are constantly exposed to criticism and self-sabotage, situations that bring anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. It was beautiful to lean on that vulnerability, to talk about pain and anxiety as a silent partner to whom we must talk to and lull so that it does not take on so much prominence in our day to day life. So that we can continue with our purpose and dreams.

The music video perfectly captures the essence of the song and Alea states, “In the music video Renée and I appear in a surreal setting, sharing a mezcal and telling each other about the pains and burdens of being strong. Anxiety and depression are real in the arts and they can be anything from petals to whispers, or even the apparent glamor -which we don’t share on social media.”

Alea concludes, “We healed each other as we wrote ‘Arrullo,’ a lullaby ranchera that we hope will bring you the same feeling of tranquility and love that we permeate throughout the production. The song was produced by Sinuhé Padilla Isunza, who, understanding this message, immediately wanted to add sounds of water and a musical saw.”




Music & lyrics – Renee Goust, Maria Alejandra Jimenez (Alea) y Sinuhé Padilla-Isunza

Musical saw –  Elena Moon Park

Voices –  Alea Jiménez and Rene Goust

Marimbol, guitarras and percussion – Sinuhé Padilla Isunza

Produced and mixed by Sinuhé Padilla-Isunza

Mastered por Luis F. Herrera at Masterhead Lab Mastering

Recording Studio – Jarana Records LLC


Video Credits

Produced by Nadir Frame Productions

Directed by Cristian Peña

Director of Photography – Pablo Monsalve

Makeup and Hair by Paula Salas Bloise

Styling Dina Vibes

Recorded at Miguel Herrera Studio

Dancers Argelia Arreola, Quetziquetl Angulo y Valeria Avina