Coming from UK city Nottingham, The Barnum Meserve’s new album ‘Designs’ is an alluring and deeply captivating, record. Slightly changing things up from their previous records, The Barnum Meserve shares an expansive sonic landscape, with something cinematic, romantic, pulsating, in their work. With a combination of the most delicate sections to massive transformations, The Barnum Meserve bring together new world technologies and combines them with old world instruments.

Across 14 tracks, The Barnum Meserve showcased lead singles ‘Roleplay’ and ‘Gaslight’ towards the build up towards the record. Both tracks came alongside beautifully constructed music videos that lead towards a more cinema style production than a normal performance styled music video. The talented trio have clearly mastered their craft and you can really see the progression in their work from previous times.

Loosing yourself throughout this album is something easily done. It’s an album for the occasion, whether that be a long night’s drive, a night spent with friends sharing a cold glass or simply to shut out the outside world.

The album started off as an experiment with synthesizers and arpeggiators, the album took a completely new approach than the band had tried before, and we see a massive leap forward.

A cinematic piece of beauty 9/10

Check it out here: