It has been noted previously that ALBERT GOLD must surely qualify as the most heartbroken man in the whole of Hackney. Over the past few years a stream of supple tunes of various soulpop hues has proven him to be a vivacious fresh songwriting talent backed by an extraordinary vocal range and a litany of crumpled relationships.

The ‘PATTERNS’ EP – Albert’s fourth excursion into the realm of the Extended Play release – continues the complex emotional themes, with four songs of slickly-produced soft focus intensity, led off by first single ‘Want Me’.

“‘Last year was quite a crazy one after losing so many people, some horrible breakups and just losing normality, and it was amazing to see everyone coming together, especially my black queer friends. I wanted to celebrate all of that and us being back together.

“This EP was a big step for me, I felt quite lost and didn’t really know what to write about, or even if I wanted to sing again. I really pushed myself in the studio and made myself uncomfortable so I could make music I wasn’t used to singing on…the outcome was amazing and I’m so proud of it.

“So ‘PATTERNS’ for me is about putting pieces of my life back together again with new elements, learning about different perspectives. I really studied the greats like Prince and Stevie Wonder and listened to a lot of new artists like Lucky Daye , Ari Lennox and Nao. I wanted to make something I haven’t done before but not lose the essence of why I started making music in the first place, and these songs came out of it.”