Washington, D.C. native and award-winning recording artist and singer-songwriter, Adalia Tara, touts numerous musical accomplishments and successes. As an active musician on the Sedona, AZ live music scene, she has performed at events such as the Sedona International Film Festival, International Day of Peace, TEDx (as a spotlight performer), and the Woman Speak International Festival. Her debut album (Release Me) won “Best Music Video” at the Albuquerque Film and Music Experience and “Audience Choice Award” at the Crossroads Film Festival in Mississippi, while her Sophomore album (Portraits) received the praise as one of the “Best Jazz Albums of 2019” via All About Jazz. Tara’s 2020 single, Come Home, is an award-winning song with an accompanying music video. Tara’s new single, Give It Up, woos the listener’s ear with her smooth voice and compelling lyrics in response to recent events highlighting racial inequities in our country.

She sings, “Give up comfort; give up being first; step aside now; let someone else be heard”, clearly setting the tone early on. She is urging her audience with privilege to step down from their pedestals, give up their prejudice and bias and create space for the voices of others to be heard. From the melodic bridge, orchestral instrumentals, and her R&B, Blues, Pop and Jazz influences, Tara is able to deliver a powerful message similar to powerhouse artists like Adele, Lana Del Rey and Halsey. In her words, Adalia Tara explains the meaning behind the single, Give It Up, as a response to the, “deeply rooted racial inequities that were brought to the light this year.” She goes on to say, “If we want justice in the world, all voices need to be heard and respected, not just one. Humility, accountability, and self-honesty are needed.” “The breakthrough comes when there is an equal playing field for everyone.”Tara’s truth-rendering, groundbreaking single compels us to look in the mirror and ask what we are doing to undo the racial injustice that has plagued our nation for far too long.

Adalia Tara’s desire to be a voice for all and spread humanity and kindness throughout the world with her music, keeps us coming back. Her smooth sound coupled with encouraging and truth-filled lyrics, resonates with many. She is currently preparing to go on tour, with dates starting in November. We are beyond excited to see where Tara’s journey will take her next! Check out her new single, Give It Up, available now on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify and SoundCloud.

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