Great music videos are an art form in their own right that complement and enhance the experience of the music itself.

Songs capture raw emotion and experience in a way that can feel universal. At the same time, as listeners, we each bring our own specific history to the experience of a song, conjuring up powerful memories, scenes from films, times in our lives.

Watch the brand new “Down By The Water” music video (directed by Michael Clowater) on YouTube + stream “Down By The Water” on Spotify / SoundCloud.

Shooting this video was super intense and fun. I didn’t know anything about boxing, and prepared by training with a coach and watching films like Million Dollar Baby. The woman playing my opponent, Sierra, is a great athlete, and was inspiring to work with (even if we would never actually box each other since we’re in totally different weight classes).


The production was huge compared to anything I’ve done before, but limited resources meant we packed about three days worth of shooting into a single day on set. We had a wonderful crew and director Mike Clowater had a really strong vision that he managed to pull off beautifully in the end.


I’m so excited to share the finished product with you today!

Abigail Lapell