Leo Sawikin is something of an old soul. This is a fact that becomes apparent with his upcoming single, ‘Row Me Away’, which speaks to escaping to a world which is familiar but new at the same time.


His influences – Joni Mitchell is the main one for this track – are of an older generation, but that’s not what gives the music its timeless quality. The outlook on life reflected in his lyrics and the message behind them is one of maturity; the world may be a difficult place to traverse, but it’s something we have to resign ourselves to anyway. 


Speaking of the song, Leo says “I was trying to go for a very visual type of song when I wrote this. I wanted to evoke a feeling of blasting away from earth or from our universe in search of something brand new and entirely different.” Again, he speaks to this timeless notion, from the lyrics to the chord progression. “Using unique but familiar chord progressions like this is a great way to lay the groundwork for songs that feel nostalgic and brand new at the same time… when most people ‘row away’ somewhere, they’re not just looking for a new world, but ideally a place where the familiar is accessible.”