“It’s Better That Way” expands and elaborates upon the smallest of details. With a hazy, dazed concoction A Fragile Tomorrow bring together a wide slew of emotional cadences. The nods to a lot of post-emo, post-hardcore work like early Japandroids certainly factor into the sound. Much of the album is chock-full of fire, for they sing as if their lives depend upon it. Lots of the vocalists come together like some new-fangled choir, one that has an intrinsic beauty to it. Clever word choice lends the album a thought-provoking stance, for they explore the ins and outs of relationships in a way that feels genuine.

With the whole of their heart “Feeder” combines indie rock with the Decemberist’s theatrical flair. Completely engrossing they allow the sound to build itself up into a fevered frenzy. Lots of the work simply rushes by at a breakneck pace. Tight grooves drive “Lost In Art” forward. Here they have a jazz-like improvisation to it, as the drum work takes a page from Tortoise’s John McEntire. Indeed, the song seemingly revolves this unstoppable force. Acoustic folk music with a shoegaze template “Another Club” wafts up into the sky in a way that has a delicacy to it, featuring a bassline that has a tender tone to it. Chaotic surf rock meets punk brings the album to a close on the frenzy of “Riding A New Wave”.

A Fragile Tomorrow holds nothing back on the completely immersive scope of “It’s Better That Way”.

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–Gary Plant