Toronto based, (via Kenya & Rwanda)  artist Jozem returns with the chill-inducing new single and video ‘Youth’. Beginning with a field recording taken from Jozems primary school back in Nairobi, upon his first visit since he left as a teenager. Soft beats, gorgeously light harmonics and a rich, yet delicate, atmospheric vocal coat the track brought to life by a visual of momentous beauty and grace.

It can be invaluable to dive into our thoughts, feelings and experiences in order to see how far we have come. Despite being unchangeable, there can still be so much to learn hidden deep within the pages of our stories. More often than not sometimes we just need a reminder that we are not our pasts, or our thoughts and we have the power to decide on how we let them continue to impact us in order to discover what needs to be let go, uncovered, embraced and loved.

Jozem intuitively shares, Youth is about walking in one’s own truth, a celebration of being different, of marching to the beat of your own drum in a world that oftentimes will not acknowledge or understand you. It is about struggling to, but ultimately finding one’s voice and choosing to use it whether it falls on deaf ears or not. It is in honour of all those kindred souls who helped mould us, some who we have unfortunately lost along the way.”

Jozem continues to explore and develop his unique artistic musical blend with threads of neo-soul and layers of Lo-fi haziness throughout, all completely self produced, watch ‘Youth’ below.



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