It was late at night in the summer of 2004 and Terrance D. Schemansky was working on a new web site and radio promotion concept. The idea was to get radio stations to request music from musicians, not the other way around. Radio stations get enough music sent to them regularly. His goal was to actually have radio stations contacting artists and bands directly. In addition, he wanted to do this while keeping the radio promotion service affordable to musicians with a smaller budget.

Terrance created a questions and answers section on the new web site, and as he did this he asked himself questions about how this could work. Then he creatively answered the questions, as he kept typing more questions and answers. By the time he was done, he formed an outline of a service that would not only change his life, but the lives of thousands of musicians. The service is currently called Album Register, and is one of many services he created under the label umbrella “3000 Records”.

The service has also changed over the years, as music is mostly requested digitally, but some radio stations still ask for CDs. Music is requested through the “FREE Music Report” that is organized manually and sent to radio stations and other music industry contacts from around the world. Many of the radio stations have also left comments about this service at (quotes from radio stations are located in the right column).

He knew the concept was working when he kept getting emails with feedback when simply following up with each customer. Over time, he added the reviews to his web site by copying and pasting them word for word. With a Google search for “3000 Records Reviews” this page currently shows up at the top of Google, and each review also shows the artist or band who sent it.

For more information about Album Register and how you can get more airplay (on-the-air) for your album or “single” visit