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The R Trains’ newest single “Timleline” rocks into an explosive awakening, where time is no longer on our side. With the world feeling like it’s been upside down, ‘TIMELINE’ perfectly rocks the feeling of uncertainty and confusion during these unpredictable times.

The R Train is a Brooklyn – based group and are no strangers to the stage. Calling back to the roots of rock, this contemporary trio serves big drums (Mike Annese), intricate bass lines (Denny Lee), and strong vocals/guitar (Jeffrey Black).

With an optimistic eye, The R Train searches for truth and happiness in the unknown. We may never know where life will lead, but taking every opportunity will bring you one step closer to a happy life. “Time is all we’ve really got” Black sings.

With the world “running overtime”, The R Train takes you on an off road journey through ripping guitar lines and fiery drum lines. Cruising down an endless highway with the windows down, “Timeline” will have you singing your sorrows away, and following your dreams.

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And the band has also released a trippy video which shows them traveling through time. We asked the band to share a statement about their new single:

Here’s what they shared:

Warning…!!!   “Life is a bitch and then you die!” Here on this their 4th release is the band’s explanation of life and the universe.  Vocalist/Guitarist Jeffrey Black tells a timeless tale (no pun intended) that gets inside your mind not just your ears.  He uses his guitar to support the story he tells and punctuates it with an emotional, melodically infused solo. Denny Lee pours out a bass line that seems like it was written for an orchestra’s string section. Drummer Mike Annese drives the {R} train hard with a jolting kick ass signature roll between verses.

Timeline is about the structure of human life and it is itself a timeless piece of music and ready for mainstream USA. 

Watch the video here:

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