Governortea ~ Self-Titled EP
Date: Saturday, March 06, 2004 @ 12:18:26 UTC

Artist: Governortea

CD: Self-Titled EP

Home: San Diego, California

Style: Pop/Electronica

Quote: "These five songs are electronic pop with classical elegance and cynical sophistication."

By Jennifer Layton

Eddie Tadross, the creative soul behind Governortea, has concocted a musical drug with his self-titled EP. I feel my mind expanding while I listen. These five songs are electronic pop with classical elegance and cynical sophistication. Think New Age psychedelic hymns with a bit of funk in the delivery, sung by a voice that sounds like Bono with a Michael Hutchence attitude.

Tadross says on his web site that he’s working on a full-length album. Now that I’ve experimented a little, I’m hooked. As these songs blend into each other without any real stops, mournful lyrics float out, crooning, “She won’t care when the road to your heart leads nowhere...” But it’s not all sadness. “The Game” shows a little more aggression, with a pulsing beat that wakes you right out of the reverie. Then the quiet instrumental, “Inner Peace,” lets you quietly drift back in.

This is an exciting debut from an artist who seems to keep pretty much to himself. No promotional materials with the CD, and little introspection on the web site. He lets the music speak for him. After hearing it, there’s not much left to say except, “How soon will the full album be ready?"

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